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Is London right to allow the Trump Balloon to fly?

It shows freedom of expression

It’s beyond disrespectful

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The crying “baby Trump” blimp taking flight over London is a valid form of protest that embodies freedom of expression, and any protest of it is hypocritical considering that some on the right have long criticized the left as being humorless, too sensitive and a threat to freedom of speech, argues Owen Jones in The Guardian.  London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, was right to allow the six-meter-(19.6-foot)-tall diapered baby Trump balloon to fly as a mascot for protesters who want to voice opposition to President Trump’s visit. As his constituents feel that President Trump holds extreme views of Muslims and immigrants and they want to show opposition to such far-right views taking hold across Europe, it was the mayor's obligation to meet his constituents' needs in this legal, harmless way.

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The crying baby Trump balloon in London’s skies shows grave disrespect for Britain’s greatest ally, and London Mayor Sadiq Khan should have spent more time focusing on local issues rather than humiliating a US president, argues Piers Morgan in the Daily Mail.  The mayor, who has been a loud critic of Trump and was against his state visit, inappropriately let his personal feelings get in the way of making professional decisions. Feelings for Trump aside, for Brits to be greeting the leader of its greatest ally in this demeaning way can backfire. Americans are the UK's largest group of tourists, with more than 3.8 million having visited in 2017, bringing billions into Britain's economy.  So, for a senior British politician to allow such a blatant insult at America's president is shameful.

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