Is The FBI Tainted?

Trump is right to question FBI integrity

FBI isn't tainted, Trump presidency is

 Getty Images: Alex Wong

President Trump’s persistent public attacks against the FBI are legitimate, asserts Paul Callan in CNN. While the bureau has long earned steadfast support among former presidents, times have changed. The FBI's repeated mistakes in its handling of both the Hillary Clinton email and Trump/Russia investigations beg to question whether the institution's integrity is in decline. Its missteps leading up to and since the 2016 presidential election point to an internal bias. These include agents with anti-Trump sentiments being assigned to the Russian investigation, the wife of Deputy Director Andrew McCabe having received funding from the Democratic Party during her senate run, among other questionable moves. The FBI's reputation is in trouble because of its own failures in leadership, not because of Trump.

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The FBI's integrity has not been compromised and therefore should not be attacked by President Trump, claims journalist Carl Bernstein as quoted by John Bowden in The Hill. If anything, Bernstein claims, it's the Trump presidency that is tainted. Rebuking the FBI allows Trump to deflect criticism from his own administration's shortcomings since taking office. Trump’s contemptuous attitude toward the FBI has undermined its ability to do its job, which is a grave disservice to America. If Trump is as confident as he says he is in being exonerated at the end of the Russia investigation, he should welcome the FBI’s investigation instead of undermining it at every chance. Attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller and FBI Deputy Director General Andrew McCabe reflects poorly on Trump, not on the FBI.

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