Is Trump Abusing Civil Rights With His Response To Protests?

Federal agents are necessary to restore order

He is clearly violating protesters' rights


President Trump is right to respond to violent rioters with every option at his disposal, believes Conrad Black of American Greatness. When restraint was showed in places like Minneapolis, it resulted in a police precinct being burned down. America's history of protests shows that hard violence needs to be met with a hard federal response to be effective. In the end, most Americans frown upon violent behavior, which needs to be stopped one way or another. While frustration over racism in US policing is justified, destructive riots are not. Still, much of the media defend needless violence, which makes it much harder to stop. Trump's use of federal agents to restore peace is necessary.

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The use of federal agents against protesters is a worrying violation of Constitutional rights, writes Ellis Cose for USA Today. These troops have attacked protesters and driven others away in unmarked cars, all without bearing clear identification and obscuring their faces. Unlike what President Trump has said, these units are provoking clashes and abusing their federal authority. Their focus is far beyond protecting federal property. The Black Lives Matter protests are protected by freedom of speech and assembly. Trump lies and defames the protesters but nothing they have done justifies the violence of his federal agents, which often go against the wishes of local governments.

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