Is Trump an independent?

Trump was always an independent

He's been a Republican since day one


President Trump’s behavior and actions have proven that he is an independent, argues Peter Baker of the New York Times. Over the past few months, his clashes with fellow Republicans, such as Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell, have only intensified. This reached a peak when Trump made a deal with Democrats over the debt ceiling, which had his own party fuming. The president is an opportunist and doesn’t automatically adhere to GOP wishes. Already during his campaign, Republicans strongly resisted him until they no longer had a choice. However, he will drop the Democrats once he sees it as beneficial to himself.

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President Trump was never an independent, and his recent minor concessions haven’t changed that, believes Jeet Heer of New Republic. Him undermining members of the GOP, whether it be with insults or deals with Democrats, are a form of asserting his dominance. Trump is unhappy with the way Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have blundered issues, such as health care and tax reform. Trump confirmed his position as a far right Republican when he rebuked climate agreements and introduced Muslim bans. His recent concession to Democrats was incredibly small and insignificant. Trump is in no way an independent.

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