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Is Trump Right To Be Tough On Iran?

He undermines a hard-won peace

Leniency is far too risky with Iran

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Since taking office, President Trump has made a bad situation worse with his constant pressure on Iran, asserts Ilan Goldenberg of Foreign Policy. The recent attacks on a Norwegian and a Japanese oil tanker, which most likely were committed by Iran, are an aftereffect of having ended the Iran Nuclear Deal. Trump’s effort to isolate the country economically has pushed it to take up arms again. He destroyed the peace that the Obama administration orchestrated following negotiations in 2013. This is a mess of Trump’s creation. Going forward, direct military action will not intimidate Iran but will drive it to lash out at the US and its allies.

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A deviation from Obama’s Iran approach, which was simply too forgiving, was badly needed, holds Richard A. Epstein of the Hoover Institute. Donald Trump was right to pull out of the Iran Deal, which was profoundly flawed. His critics hold that he has discouraged peace this way. The fact is that the previous situation gave Iran access to funds that could have been used for terrorism while offering too little in return. Even countries that support the Iran Deal agree that there was too little supervision of Iran’s nuclear program. Simply put, a tough approach allows for Iran to be caged in the necessary ways. A new and improved peace deal is always on the table.

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