Is Trump Right To Pull Out Of Syira?

The US should finally leave Syria

This goes against US interests


President Trump is right to pull out of Syria, writes Tony Shaffer in USA Today. The US entered this region to fight ISIS, when the Caliphate was at its peak. Today, there is barely anything left of it. From occupying huge amounts of land and resources, it currently survives exclusively in the shadows. Victory over ISIS does not require killing each and every one of its members. It no longer poses a threat to the US, nor does it have the resources to do so in the future. Additionally, Trump vowed not to leave Afghanistan before a solid peace deal is enacted, which will ensure regional stability. An American presence in Syria is no longer necessary.

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It would be a major mistake for the US to pull out of Syria, asserts Fred Kaplan of Slate. It would open the door for ISIS to re-emerge, abandon America’s closest regional partners, and signal to the world that the US won’t stand by its allies. Without US backing, Turkey might attack the Kurdish forces, which would be a great betrayal of US loyal forces that single-handedly gave Trump his ‘victory’ over ISIS. With the Kurds weakened, instability would grow, creating the perfect conditions for ISIS to increase its operations. Finally, this move would hurt future US efforts to find allies, since it left the Kurds to die as soon as it got what it wanted.

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