Is Trump’s RNC Offering A Positive Vision For America?

He can't hide the damage he's done

He offers a bright future for America

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Donald Trump's RNC promise of progress is undermined by his major failures as US president, holds David Axelrod of CNN. Currently, 175,000 Americans are dead due to the COVID-19 pandemic that Trump seriously mishandled. Millions are unemployed, the economy is deeply shaken, and identity politics that he exploited have left the country more divided than ever. Trump claims only he can take America forward, but his leadership has harmed the country greatly. Joe Biden is a more presidential and uniting leader who would help the country heal. The RNC is being used for fearmongering against Democrats, but it is clear that the last four years have left American far worse off.

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The RNC agenda Donald Trump proposes will lift America up, asserts Scott McKay of The American Spectator. He has great plans to create millions of new jobs and increase the amount of money Americans earn with lower payroll taxes. Stopping manufacturing jobs being exported to China is a big step to make this happen; doing so would have a majorly positive impact on the job situation in the US. Trump's policies stand in strong contrast to those of the Democrats, who would hurt economic growth with Green New Deal regulations on the energy sector. From a strong foreign policy to a patriotic domestic one, Trump's vision for America offers great hope and success.

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