is there such a thing as excessive hurricane relief spending?

Disasters require heavy relief funding

Over-funding is redundant and fuels corruption

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Ted Cruz and other Texas senators have shown strong hypocrisy in requesting state funding to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, reports Ashley Dejean of Mother Jones. They opposed sending resources to Hurricane Sandy victims, claiming that the money wouldn’t be used where it was needed. This was incorrect, and as the senators seem to have understood, emergency funding needs to be allocated quickly and generously. The destruction caused by such disasters is incredibly costly and requires the whole country to pull together. The victims should always be the priority, whether they be in New Jersey or Texas.

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Relief funding in itself is not a bad thing. But it is during times of disaster that the more plentiful these funds are, the more likely they are to be funneled into the pockets of interest groups, asserts Dean Chambers of Red State. Senator Ted Cruz was right to oppose over-funding the Sandy relief effort, as around 30% of the money didn’t go to anything directly related to the hurricane. In the rebuilding process, large entities sift away much of the money. They boost this process by donating to political campaigns and encouraging legislation that releases more funds for such causes. Congress should allocate funds more carefully and conservatively.

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