Was McCain right to stop Obamacare repeal?

McCain hypocritical to veto repeal bill

He rightly put the people before party

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John McCain voting against the GOP’s Obamacare ‘skinny’ repeal is dishonest to his party and the people that voted for him, infers John Fund of National Review. He won his Senate election precisely because he pledged to repeal the currently ineffective health care system. McCain has often preached about giving consumers better options with a free-market approach to health care. Voting for the GOP’s bill would have enabled the first steps needed to improve upon flawed Obamacare. McCain ignored his own supporters by pulling the handbrake on constructive health care reform. This not only hurts Republicans, but the country as a whole.

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By standing strong against the GOP’s highly damaging health care bill, McCain proved his heroism in putting the interests of the American people before his political career, suggests Jonathan Allen in Roll Call. The Republican effort to undo Obamacare risks tens of millions of citizens losing their health care. A war hero, McCain is proving his sense of honor by following his moral, rather than political, ideology. He knows that the GOP’s bill is highly faulty and refuses to validate it in any way. Perhaps he has even understood that this plan would be bad for his party in the long term. Either way, McCain stood up to his own party to do the right thing.

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