Is Mike Pence preparing to run for president in 2020?

Pence is planning to become president

It's just a press rumor to hurt Trump

 Getty: Joe Raedle / Staff

Vice President Mike Pence has taken steps that indicate he views himself as a potential replacement for Donald Trump, report Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns of The New York Times. He has amassed an unusually large donor and supporter network for a vice president. With his own fund-raising committee, Pence seems to be establishing the political infrastructure to sustain an election campaign. Other Republicans have taken note and are making sure not to fall behind. The possibility of Trump not being able to run for a second term has peaked the interest of opportunists within the GOP.

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Vice President Mike Pence is not trying to become president. Rumors that he is plotting a presidential takeover behind Trump’s back are an attempt by the media to spread distrust in the White House, asserts Kathryn Blackhurst of Lifezette. Pence’s efforts to prepare for a 2020 campaign happen in unison with Trump and are not out of place. Journalists are over-analyzing bits and pieces of information that don’t prove anything. The vice president is a loyal ally to Trump and wouldn’t do something without his consent in this fashion. Since Trump’s ascension, the press has tried to undermine him and his team.

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