Is Mike Pompeo Right For Secretary Of State?

Mike Pompeo is a big step down

He's the right man for the job

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

Mike Pompeo replacing Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State is a bad development for the US, holds Michael H. Fuchs of The Guardian. His willingness to do what President Trump wants him to risks foreign policy issues getting even worse. Where Tillerson supported the Iran Deal, Pompeo’s opposition to it could see it collapse. This might result in relations with Iran, which is fighting proxy wars in Syria and Yemen, getting much worse than they are. His harsh stance on North Korea could hurt negotiations with the regime. Pompeo has no diplomatic experience. Trump leading foreign policy more than he already has could create needless tension.

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The appointment of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State could be a positive addition to the White House, bringing in much-needed stability and leadership, asserts Buck Sexton of The Hill. Respected by President Trump, the veteran ex-CIA director and former Harvard and West Point alumni has the necessary experience and expertise to best aid the country. Pompeo understands North Korea and Iran well, two issues he will need to cooperate with Trump on to succeed. He can breathe a fresh air of confidence into the State Department, a role he is more suited to than Rex Tillerson. The new Secretary of State is a competent and smart man that will do his job excellently.

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