Is the Mueller probe a witch hunt?

It’s a witch hunt that must end

It has gained serious traction

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has turned the Russia investigation into a witch hunt and should therefore recuse himself, argues Arizona Representative Andy Biggs in USA Today. Since his appointment last spring to investigate whether Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election, Mueller has been overreaching, far beyond the scope of his original task. He's wasting resources and taxpayer money to unjustly target anyone he feels may have colluded with Russia on behalf of the Trump campaign. Not to mention that his biased, partisan hiring decisions have influenced the direction of the investigation, and persistent leaks from his office suggest also raise suspicion of questionable tactics. Mueller has demonstrated he cannot lead an unbiased investigation and should therefore step aside.    

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While President Trump has effectively used the term “witch hunt” to push back against Robert Mueller’s investigation into his campaign’s alleged ties with Russia, the probe has gained too much traction to be dismissed as such any longer, argues Michael Isikoff in Yahoo News. Mueller’s team has indicted Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and Manafort’s chief deputy, Rick Gates. Plus, his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has pleaded guilty and is now a cooperating witness. Mueller and his team continue to pursue new leads, interrogate new witnesses, including RNC staffers and Jared Kushner, and collect new evidence, including subpoenaed bank records and thousands of emails. Whether proof of collusion turns up, the probe is far more serious than a witch hunt.

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