Has Mueller’s investigation lost its legitimacy?

His probe is unfairly attacked

There are too many flaws in it

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The Republican effort to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into alleged ties between Russia and President Trump is motivated by loyalty to Trump, not a desire to uphold the truth, argues Ryan Cooper of The Week. The fact that FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strozk exchanged anti-Trump text messages wasn’t great, but it hardly undermined the entire investigation. As soon as it came out, they were removed. Still, Trump allies have done what they can to label the FBI, a generally right-leaning organization, as purely opposed to the president. This is not the case. Fox News and Trump himself are trying to protect him from whatever dirt Mueller might dig up, when he has done his job in an entirely appropriate way.

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Besides being highly unnecessary, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign has proceeded in a strange manner with a questionable anti-Trump tinge, believes Andrew C. McCarthy of National Review. It was excessive to break into Paul Manafort’s house with guns drawn when a simple legal request could have gotten any files needed. Mueller’s deep suspicion of the president and his team doesn’t seem to be rooted in hard facts or any evidence. His overly aggressive tactics in hounding former members of the Trump transition team has bordered on illegal. Everything we know now indicates that he’s not going to find anything anyway.

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