Shady for Trump Jr. to meet Russian lawyer

The meeting involved no amoral subjects

 Getty: Drew Angerer / Staff

Donald Trump Junior meeting a lawyer with ties to the Russian government reflects poorly on the White House’s continuous dismissal of claims that Russia meddled in the U.S. election, report Jo Becker et al. for the New York Times. The president’s son was lured into the encounter by damning information about Hillary Clinton, which didn’t end up being provided. This behavior only coming to light now falls into a pattern of deception that the current leadership and its affiliates have engaged in while vehemently denying any connection to Russia. New evidence of the substance of this connection seems to surface with concerning frequency.

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The president’s son was not aware of the lawyer’s nationality before their meeting, which was set to involve helpful, rather than malicious, information, write Nikki Schwab and Ariel Zilber for the Daily Mail. The subject matter ended up being the adoption of Russian children by Americans and U.S. sanctions against individuals from Russia. President Trump himself had no knowledge of this encounter taking place to begin with. Its significance has been wildly overblown, considering the fact that nothing incriminating was discussed. This event in particular adds nothing to accusations of alleged collusion with Russia.

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