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Should Trump fire Mueller?

Trump firing Mueller would bury the truth

The inquiry is flawed and doesn't serve America

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Partisan politics aside, it is in the interest of the American people to have special counsel Robert Mueller conclude his investigation into Russian interference in the US election, writes Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic. Most US citizens have agreed that they want Mueller to continue the probe. The possibility that the US president colluded with a foreign government needs to be looked into with no stone left unturned. It would be an affront to America’s democratic system if it turns out to be true. Firing Mueller and undermining the second investigation into ties with Russia would reflect poorly on Trump and keep the American people from the truth they deserve.

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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation reflects poorly on the president and fuels media criticism against him. Trump should fire him, argues J. Robert Smith of American Thinker. The probe was established based on flawed accusations over Trump’s ties to Russia. It has become a tool for left-leaning news outlets to undermine and attack the president, which they can do as long as this investigation remains inconclusive. The longer the probe goes on, the more Mueller will feel pressure to dig up dirt on the president. America doesn’t need this. The media storm that it causes destabilizes and antagonizes the current political rhetoric. Trump should end the witch-hunt and fire Mueller.

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