Was Trump insensitive towards a slain soldier’s family?

Trump's words were uncaring

Actually, he was highly respectful

 Getty: Drew Angerer / Staff

When President Trump called the family of a dead Green Beret to offer condolences, not only did he forget his name but used the words “he knew what he was getting into,” reveals the Editorial Board of the LA Times. This is reflective of Trump’s very limited ability for compassion. Once this story became an issue, Trump made it political, which reminded of the times he insulted war veteran John McCain and insulted another Gold Star family. Trump seems to be unable to give kind words of support without creating some form of controversy. The U.S. president is judged by his ability to be humble and empathetic. Trump struggles with that.

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President Trump’s words of compassion for the dead soldier’s family have been twisted to be used against him, suggests Denis Slattery of New York Daily News. The president was trying to say that the soldier had willingly chosen to risk his life for his country, offering nothing but compassion. He took upon himself the impossible task of consoling a family that lost a son. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who’s own son died in combat, advised the president on what to say, explaining that his words were entirely well-intentioned. The fact that a Florida lawmaker turned this situation into a public dispute needlessly politicizes a deeply personal situation.

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