Is Trump’s Economic Policy Good for America?

His ideas are terrible for the country

Trump's plan is lifting up the economy

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President Trump’s economic policy is shaping an America that is friendly to its richest citizens while ignoring the vast majority’s needs, suggests Nouriel Roubini of Project Syndicate. His tax plan would lower taxes for corporations and the rich, while sticking everyone else with the bill. Trump cites economic growth as his prime goal, but there is no way that it could possibly offset the huge amount of debt that would be acquired. The president is going against the promises that he made to the millions of working class Americans that voted for him by going against their interests. The US is going to be worse off once these changes go through.

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The political left’s opposition to President Trump’s economic ideas has shown to be over-dramatic, as his results are overwhelmingly positive, believes Stephen Moore of Real Clear Politics. After years of stagnation during Obama’s time in office, Trump has seen investment and growth rise significantly. Gone are the regulations that held back businesses. This has come hand-in-hand with falling unemployment and rising home ownership. Trump was mocked for assuming that he could bring the growth rate to 3% or 4%, but the current situation is heading in just that direction. His economic policy is exactly what America needs in this moment.

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