Have Trump’s odds of Impeachment gone up?

Flynn's testimony is damning

Impeachment is unlikelier than ever

 Getty: Spencer Platt / Staff

Michale Flynn’s latest revelations offer further proof that the Trump campaign lied about its contact with Russia, taking us a significant step closer to impeachment, holds CNN’s Errol Louis. We now know that the president and his administration’s repeated claim that allegations about contact with the Russian government are not, in fact, fake news. Trump admitted himself that he fired ex-FBI director James Comey because he wanted to shut down his investigation into collusion. Slowly, the administration’s numerous lies are being revealed for what they are. A damning amount of people that were very close to Trump disguised their engagements with Russia.

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While many in the media perceive that Michael Flynn’s testimonial is bringing us closer to President Trump’s impeachment, the odds of this happening have in fact gone down, asserts Peter Beinart of The Atlantic. The process of impeaching a president is more political than legal. If the Senate were to vote on it today, assuming that all Democrats would support it, it would still take 22 Republicans to do so as well. This is all but impossible. The president’s many missteps have revealed how loyal his supporters really are. His approval ratings among Republicans hover around 79%-87%. It is politically impossible for the GOP to agree to impeach him.

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