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Has Trump’s presidency been successful so far?

He has impaired the presidency

Trump has satisfied his voters

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President Trump has upended the stability and stoic nature of the presidency, asserts Todd S. Purdum of Vanity Fair. Divisive, vindictive and unfiltered, Trump has made a mockery of the White House. He attacked it himself, as he did with the media, law enforcement, the judiciary and the scientist establishment. He has undermined public trust in all of these institutions in order to gain himself more support. The problem is that they are are huge part of American society. Trump has never cared how provocative his words could be if they benefited him. He has shaped the presidency in his own image, which has changed its reputation for ever.

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Americans voted Trump into the White House to shake up the ineffective Washington status quo, and they got just that, writes Ronna McDaniel of The Hill. He has stood up for the common man, striving to ensure that the working class sees less of its saving disappear to taxes. The country is now safer thanks to Trump’s immigration policies that have reduced illegal immigration by 41% since a year ago. Trump has also ushered in a new era of economic optimism, significantly reducing unemployment and boosting the economy, which has seen a surge of investment. He has gone against the stale politics of the past and really connected with the people.

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