Are UN sanctions against North Korea working?

Sanctions against North Korea are not working

They will, they just need more time

 Getty Images: Chung Sung-Jun

Despite repeated rounds of fresh sanctions that the United Nations keeps imposing on North Korea, the country has not shown any signs of halting its nuclear ambitions. There are many reasons why economic sanctions are not working - and will not ever reign in North Korea's leader, argues Alexandra Ma of Business Insider. For starters, since the country has been under various sanctions for many years, the regime has been forced to create and use unconventional channels and methods. Therefore, North Korea's government has become savvy in finding ways to acquiring needed goods; when one supply is cut off, it knows how to get it from somewhere else. Also, for a country used to harsh conditions the threat of shortages doesn't intimidate. North Korea's weaknesses boost its resilience, leaving sanctions ineffective.

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While diplomatic options may seem to be running out to reign in North Korea, it's not the case. Expanded UN sanctions against the regime will succeed, but just need time to work, asserts The National. Despite President Trump's recent warning to destroy North Korea if the country threatened the U.S. or its allies, multinational efforts against Kim Jong-un's government, specifically pressure by China and Russia, will persuade the regime to change its provocative course. According to U.S. disarmament ambassador Robert Wood, China is key in persuading Kim Jong-un to heed the harshest sanctions placed on any nation in the 21st century.  This is because China controls more than 90% of North Korea's external trade, including its oil supplies. Given such international cooperation to enforce the sanctions, they will work, with time.  

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