Universal Basic Income is necessary

It would kill human productivity

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Basic survival. Universal Basic Income is becoming a necessity, especially as AI continues to eliminate jobs, writes Marisa Kendall for the Lexington Herald Leader. Almost 10 million American jobs are predicted to disappear over the next ten years due to technology. Humanity needs to find a solution to this issue or poverty will become rampant. Universal Basic Income is the best way to support people. Studies have found that it can boost physical and mental health while improving children’s school performance. Equality needs to be ensured with a basic income or society will become highly unbalanced.

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Universal lack of drive. Proponents of Universal Basic Income don’t understand its many downsides, infers George Zarkadakis in the Huffington Post. First of all, lacking a world government that ensured globally universal taxes, companies would flee to tax havens if their incomes were taxed to support the general population. For those that stay, such a toll would reduce the amount they could invest and limit their productivity. Additionally, individuals would lose the incentive to challenge themselves with jobs and hard work. The current social global balance could be unsettled by Universal Basic Income.

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