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Will Rex Tillerson stay in the White House?

Tillerson has no choice but to leave

His qualities will secure his job

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With his latest statements, President Trump has undermined Secretary of State Rex Tillerson so profoundly that it must result in the latter’s resignation, holds Eliot A. Cohen of The Atlantic. Tillerson has been working hard to stabilize relations with North Korea, trying to find a diplomatic solution instead of a terrible war. Publicly going against him over Twitter was a terrible humiliation, even by Trump’s standards. Even more importantly, it removes Tillerson’s influence in any negotiations, as he no longer has the backing of his president. Anything but him leaving would hamper future efforts to the peace process and prove how little self-worth he has.

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a highly competent and dedicated man, who will continue to serve the White House no matter what the media or Twitter say, asserts Ed Rogers in the Washington Post. He has repeated his commitment to the Trump administration and dismissed whatever controversy may be circling. One could even speculate that this is part of a plan to strengthen Tillerson’s hand in negotiations with North Korea. Either way, the regime must surely realize that its best road to safety is through the secretary of state, not the president. Tillerson has shown his immense diplomatic value to Trump and will neither quit nor be fired.

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