Will Theresa May resign after her UK election debacle?

May's election failure means she must go

She will endure with a coalition government

 Getty: Carl Court / Staff

On her way out. Theresa May’s dismal performance at the recent UK election that saw her party, the Tories, lose seats in parliament means that she must resign, infers Robin de Peyer of the Evening Standard. With the stark possibility of a new election around the corner, a new face would replace May to freshen up the Tories’ chances of success. Having had her 20-point lead over Corbyn dissolve during the election, May’s leadership is being strongly questioned within and outside of her party. She called the election in order to boost the Tories’ parliamentary seats, which catastrophically backfired. This failure is too big for her to continue.

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Shaken not toppled. Even though Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party made big gains during the recent UK election, Theresa May and the Tory Party still hold the majority of parliamentary seats and will remain in power, suggests Matt Clinch of CNBC. She will form a new coalition government with the Democratic Unionist Party. May herself affirms that the country needs her leadership and certainty during these tumultuous times. As impressive as Corbyn’s surge in votes was, he remains the minority leader. Theresa May will remain as Prime Minister as long as the Tories maintain their parliamentary majority.

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