Will Trump Suppress The New Climate Change Report?

Scientists Fear Trump to Bury Climate Report

There's no evidence he'll reject it

 Getty Images: Sean Gallup

A newly leaked draft report by scientists from 13 U.S. federal government agencies asserts that Americans are currently experiencing the effects of climate change. This conclusion is in direct contradiction with claims by President Trump and members of his administration. They are not convinced that humans play a role in causing global warming, claiming instead, that climate change is uncertain and that there is limited ability to predict its effects. This attitude, plus Trump’s previous decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Pact, have scientists afraid that his administration may suppress or change the report before it is formally released, writes the San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board. The fact that the confidential report was leaked to the press before official White House approval shows that scientists are worried that Trump may suppress their definitive findings.

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Despite rumors to the contrary, several climate sources involved in producing the Climate Science Special Report for government say they have seen no indication that President Trump might suppress or change it, writes Politico. The draft report contains scientific research that offers the clearest proof yet that human activity is altering the planet's temperature, and that there is no other credible explanation for the climbing temperatures we're experiencing, both of which are opposite to Trump's views. However, federal climate program leaders and a number of report contributors don’t expect any intereference from president. In fact, a website to feature the report is already in the works. While the White House could still reject or request changes to the report, there are no signs that they may do anything other than accept it.  

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