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Is Red Sox cheating really a scandal?

Red Sox wrong to cheat with technology

This story is being immensely exaggerated

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Simply put, the Red Sox broke the rules of baseball, one way or another, believes Joel Sherman of the New York Post. The accusation by the New York Yankees that the Red Sox used an Apple watch to steal their signs during a game between the two teams may still be in need of full proof. However, rules were already broken by the simple presence of the Apple watch in the Red Sox’s team dugout. The MLB has made it clear that any electronics of such kinds aren’t allowed. A punishment is due, which should be made worse if it is proven that the Red Sox used the watch to decipher opponents’ signs. This behavior is wrong.

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The backlash against the Red Sox is highly overblown. The decoding and ‘stealing’ of baseball signs is a longstanding tradition of gamesmanship in baseball, the addition of technology doesn’t alter this fundamental aspect, asserts Tim De Vries of The Los Angeles Loyolan. The introduction of an Apple watch doesn’t change a habit that has been going on in the MLB for a long time. Additionally, even if the allegations are true that the Red Sox used technology to gain an advantage, it is unlikely to significantly tip any game. Batters still need to hit balls, and their skill in doing so is still far more decisive than any other factor.

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