Does the US Women’s Soccer Team Deserve Equal Pay?

Their pay is proportional to their popularity

They are heroes and deserve better pay

 Unsplash: Liam McKay

The gap in pay between the men’s and women’s US national soccer teams is less due to sexism and more due to market forces, reports Rich Lowry of the NY Post. While the women’s pay should increase, especially in light of their recent World Cup victory, it is important to note that female soccer is simply less popular, and therefore less profitable, at the moment. Their prize money for victory in the final was around $4 million. Winning the men’s World Cup garners $38 million for the winning team. This is because FIFA earns $6 billion during the mens’ tournament, compared to $130 million during the women’s. When more people watch the women, their pay will rise.

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The US women’s national soccer team deserves equal pay to the men, writes Jesse Jackson in the Chicago Sun Times. They have consistently out-performed the men in international competitions, culminating in their World Cup victory in 2019. Still their pay is but a fraction of the men’s. They marched to victory with the weight of having filed a class-action lawsuit against their employer for gender discrimination. It is not for nothing that the crowd erupted into a chant of “Equal pay, equal pay” after the US team triumphed in the final. This women’s World Cup especially created immense enthusiasm that more than warrants equal pay for these special athletes.

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