Were the Giants wrong to bench Eli Manning?

It was wrong to bench him this way

The Giants' decision is justified

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The disrespectful way in which the New York Giants benched their quarterback, Eli Manning, made little sense, holds Mike Jones of USA Today. This move risks coach McAdoo losing the locker room and signals that he considers their season over already. Even at age 36, Manning is still the Giants’ best quarterback. Giving youngsters a go for just five games wasn’t worth snubbing the team captain. He has been the face of the Giants since 2004, earning two Super Bowl MVP awards. The team suffered several key injuries and saw destabilizing arguments between players and coaches. It’s unfair to blame all problems on Manning, he deserves better.

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The New York Giants were right to bench their quarterback, Eli Manning, writes Peter King in Sports Illustrated. The fact of the matter is that this had to happen sooner or later and there was no painless way to do it. Team comes first, and Manning’s performances have not been up to standard. It was smarter for the team as a franchise to give a young player experience over letting the captain play until the end. The Giants need to prepare for their future, and this season is lost already. Perhaps Manning’s time with the team isn't over, but maybe he’ll move on. Either way, it isn’t worth fielding him this season purely because of emotions.

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