Should LaVar Ball launch a junior basketball league?

It's a good way to empower players

It will rob players of college experiences

 Getty Images: Jayne Kamin-Oncea

LaVar Ball’s idea to create a Junior Basketball Association as an alternative to the NCAA has merit and should be considered, states Perry Green of The JBA would be for top high school players who aspire to play pro basketball but do not want to go to college. While the argument that college isn’t for everyone applies here, the biggest benefit of the proposed JBA is that teens would no longer be exploited by the NCAA, which enables corporate sponsors - and the not players themselves - to profit from their talents. The JBA would put many young players, especially African Americans, in a position to earn money for their skills and talents.

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The idea proposed by LaVar Ball to start a basketball league for high school graduates so they don’t have to go to college is not beneficial to the players, says Colin Cowherd in While the JBA would let them be seen by pro scouts, they get the same opportunity in the NCAA.  While they would be getting salaries in the JBA, it will never match up to what they will get after graduating from the NCAA. Most of all, college basketball is good for young players because college is good for them. It’s a place where they learn, meet new people, broaden their perspectives and mature, physically and emotionally.  

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