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Should MLB mandate protective netting?

MLB stadiums need protective netting

No, kids shouldn't sit so close to field

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After a toddler, who was seated along the first base line at Yankee Stadium, was struck in the face by Todd Frazier's 105-mph-line drive, the MLB needs to mandate protective netting in all of its stadiums to protect its fans. Instead of focusing on how to speed up the game, the league should instead focus on safety precautions, argues Gabriel Baumgaertner of Sports Illustrated. This is considering that the number of fans, including children, who have been injured by foul balls is in the thousands. While arguments against netting have claimed that the league did not want to curb fans' unparalleled access to the game, the number of injuries, especially to little children, should merit mandatory protective netting before a fan gets killed.

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While baseball fans should not have to worry about their safety at games, extending protective netting at baseball parks is not the only solution. Common sense and fan responsibility for their own well-being should factor in, holds Paul Daugherty f USA Today, who argues that not putting kids in harm’s way by sitting them so close to the baseball field could have prevented the tragic accident that recently befell the 3-year-old girl. Had she not been sitting in the 5th row, third base side, she would not have been hit in the face with the baseball. The MLB is not responsible when fans choose to sit where a baseball could become a physical threat. Therefore, mandating protective netting at every ballpark is not the only answer.

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