Does the NFL have a racism problem?

Race plays a part in NFL vilifying Kaepernick

It doesn't, he's in decline & goaded fans

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Play and keep your mouth shut. The NFL has proven its deep-seated racism, in particular by keeping Colin Kaepernick, arguably among the best 20 quarterbacks, out of a job, argues Shaun King for NY Daily News. The owner of the New York Giants revealed that he received scores of threats that fans would boycott his team if they hired Kaepernick or others who had stood up for black rights. ESPN re-hired a homophobic and racist singer for their Monday Night Football anthem. The NFL and its conservative white fanbase accept black men as players but not as individuals who express their opinions or protest injustice.

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Deal with the consequences. Colin Kaepernick is out of a job because of his mediocre performances, not racism, claims James Barrett of Daily Wire. The 49ers lost nearly every game that he started for them last season. Kaepernick alienated himself from fans by slandering the country, criticizing the police and even praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Making provocative political statements was clearly going to have an aftereffect, which Kaepernick is deservedly dealing with now. The NFL, whose teams are 70% black, cannot be labeled racist because it doesn’t employ a declining player who chose to make himself a poisoned PR chalice.

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