Does the NFL have room for political messages?

Kaepernick's politics don't belong in football

NFL is full of politics that appeal to fans

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Politics do not belong in the NFL, and Colin Kaepernick has caused his own exclusion by putting his anti-American values before football, suggests the Colorado Springs Gazette. Disrespecting the police and his country, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback has soiled his career by making himself a marketing liability. Stunts like wearing socks with pigs in police uniforms were needlessly provocative. Disrespecting the men and women that serve the United States does not belong in the NFL. Kaepernick is deservedly not being picked up by teams because of his disruptive behavior that shouldn't be seen in any professional sport, especially not the NFL.  

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The NFL is full of politically loaded messages that its white conservative fan base agrees with, asserts Rob Tornoe of Forbes. While the kind of activism that Colin Kaepernick and others have engaged in has upset fans to the extent that he is still currently unemployed, symbolism is not new to football. Saluting soldiers, fighter jet flyovers, cheerleaders in short skirts and viagra ads are among the themes typically presented at NFL football games. However, none of them have been met with the backlash that Kaepernick has gotten. Though NFL fans apparently don’t want to hear about racism or inequality that Kaepernick has brought up, sending political messages is not new to the NFL.          

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