Should the NY Giants drop Eli Manning?

The Giants need to drop Manning

No, they need his experience

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After 14 years of great successes, it’s finally time for the New York Giants to drop star quarterback Eli Manning (36), argues Cory Gunkel of Real Clear Life. The Giants have had a horrible season and are likely to miss their fifth playoffs in the past six years. Manning’s own performances and leadership have been highly disappointing. Getting dismantled by the Rams in a 51-17 thrashing should be the final nail in his coffin. The Giants should move on from Manning. Even though this would cost them $18.6 million in dead cap money as he still has a two year contract, it would be to the benefit of the team to invest in younger talents.

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Dropping Eli Manning now would be a huge mistake that doesn’t grasp the deeper issues, which have caused the Giants’ bad performances, believes George Willis of the New York Post. The 36-year-old quarterback has by no means played well so far, but neither has his team. Offensive linemen have been all over the place. The Giants’ defense pales in comparison to what it was last season. The team's roster has been riddled with injuries. Replacing Manning now would only make the situation worse. His experience makes him a unique asset to the team. In the end, he is the Giants' starting quarterback. They should trust him.

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