Should Sportscasters Avoid Talking About Politics?

Political commentary has no place in sports

Politics have become a big part of sports

 Getty: Frank Micelotta / Staff

It isn’t sportscasters’ place to offer analysis about political topics that they aren’t experts on. They should stick to talking about sports, infers Ryan Huber of Arc Digital. Fans don’t want to hear sports commentators, who tend to have a limited understanding of this subject, talk about politics. If they wanted that, they would change the channel and watch a real political analyst talk. Sports offer a refuge from the distress of politics. Sportscasters’ liberal ideals alienate fans that don’t think like them. The love of sports should remain a uniting factor in our deeply polarized society. Bringing politics into it only marginalizes society more.

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Particularly over recent years, politics has become so intertwined with sports that it is impossible to talk about the latter without mentioning the former, holds Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic. One must just look at social media to see how much politics spills over into the sports. The fact of the matter is that fans now want to hear about this. Colin Kaepernick protesting and LeBron James wearing an “I can’t breathe” shirt make it impossible to avoid politics while watching sports. These events get people talking and interested. It would be wrong for sportscasters to avoid hot topics that their fans want to hear about and are now a part of sports.

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