Should Tom Brady Retire After Super Bowl Loss?

The Patriots still need him a lot

Brady should prioritize his health

 Getty: Mike Ehrmann / Staff

Tom Brady’s is a pivotal cog in the Patriots’ game system, without him they might see a drastic fall from grace, believes Neil Greenberg of The Washington Post. Already having announced that he will continue in 2018, the Patriots need him to keep up his high standard. During the Super Bowl Brady became the only quarterback to ever throw for over 500 yards and still lose. His passing is crucial for his team’s offense. Replacing him will be an incredibly hard task, which could damage the Patriots as a franchise. They will want to hold onto their captain for as long as possible. Even at 40, Brady is a formidable leader and quarterback.

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After a career that has been full of unique successes and accomplishments, Tom Brady should put his health first and retire, holds Charles P. Pierce of After throwing for 505 yards and three touchdowns during Super Bowl LII, this is the perfect moment to quit while he’s ahead. He did everything right. All three of Brady’s Super Bowl losses came after he gave his team a lead. His defense let him down during these pivotal moments. Football is a taxing game and whatever success the Patriots captain may envision, it isn’t worth putting his aging body in further danger. Brady should realize that he’s won all there is to win and retire.

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