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Proud recipient of the following awards:

The Perspective’s effectiveness study

in 2019 and 2021 the Reichman University conducted studies aimed to gauge just how effective is The Perspective in opening minds

General :

Research conducted by Herzliya Inter-Disciplinary college in May 2019, led by Dr. Gali Einav, and Ofir Allen MA and Daniel Ravner MBA, probed into the effectiveness of The Perspective’s content. The research team found that 58.46% of readers opened their minds to different points of view after reading our signature big debates (the readers moved to the center of a “views scale”). This prompted research on a larger scale in March 2021 which showed that our big debates have an especially significant effect on people who are defined as extreme. 

The study is named: ” Bursting Filter Bubbles in a Digital Age:
Opening Minds and Reducing Opinion Polarization through Digital Platforms”

The study was published in the Technology in Society journal

Authors: Gali Einav, Ofir Allen, Daniel Ravner, Yossi Maaravi, Tamar Gur

Also available at the Social Studies Research Network

From the abstract: 400 respondents were divided into five groups varying in a number of articles read on “Black Lives Matter” (BLM). Results show that those who read five articles, either related or unrelated to race, were significantly more open-minded towards BLM than the control. Those who read five race-related articles also showed significantly reduced levels of holding a hardliner opinion towards BLM than control.