While the web was meant to broaden our horizons, the opposite has happened. Social media’s filter bubbles, a fragmented media landscape, fake news, click baits and the drive to personalization have all narrowed our views.

Through its mission to open minds, The Perspective seeks to counter the growing polarization that people all over the world are experiencing (Brexit, the 2016 US presidential election, etc.). We have employed political science, design, psychology and technology to construct various content formats that compose the website’s unique offering.

These features, ranging from our own articles to a gamified challenge, will enable readers to consider contradicting views that might otherwise feel threatening. Readers will also get exposed to content they might not otherwise see.

The site (web and mobile web) will touch on current events that range from politics to entertainment. It will also examine long-standing debates spanning a wide variety of topics, from religion to sports.

The site was officially launched March 1st 2017, and for the first few months will publish four items per day, mon-fri (days and output will grow as we introduce new features, already in development)


The site’s features are designed to persuade readers to consider ideas threatening to their worldview:

Trending Perspectives 

We scour the web to find worthwhile contradictory or enriching articles/videos on daily hot topics which we display side by side. Users can read, vote, comment and play.

The Perspective Challenge –

A gamified platform where you get to influence someone you know and “pay” by allowing your own point of view be influenced by them.

Essentials –

Original articles, presenting two sides of a classic debate, but researched and written in a way that appeals to the values of those who might be opposed to it.

Subjective Timeline –

We take on the biggest ongoing conflict and design a timeline that shows how the same milestones are perceived by both sides who took part in it.
My Perspective –

UGC platform that allows people to share how the big issues relate to them in their daily lives.


The Perspective has garnered global media attention since its Product Hunt launch. Appearances include: Alley WatchTech Crunch, Native ScoietySpringwiseProtein and many more.


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