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I don’t’ get homeopathic medicine

By Sandra Malone

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Let me put out there…I’ve tried to make use of homeopathic medicine…I really wanted it to work, but it doesn’t. Why would a very low concentrated amount of anything natural be better than a synthesized over gazillion trails solution? If nature offered the perfect solution to our ills so many years ago, than how come were here, in need of other forms of medicine. Most of don’t die at birth and live to be more than 35 because of modern medicine. If we were to rely on nature taking its course…well, you get my point. I do think we are overly reliant on medicine, and I do think it’s a political, corporate world with money interest and not common good driving it, but if I have a migraine, I’ll take Advil over Aloe Vera any day.

    just saying
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